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Incorporate your old family photos into your holiday festivities this year! We’re offering an earlybird discount on photo restoration services to get you started!

In this post, we go over basic instructions for scanning old documents/photos for archiving and/or restoration.

In this post, we examine records available through Fold3’s Civil War document collections, and how to gain free access to them through April 30th.

Sometimes, it’s worth investigating seemingly unrelated people in your family history search. This post explains how following an “unrelated” trail, with the help of LDS records and archived journals, led me to more answers than I ever thought possible!

Today in History: Read about how a Montana congresswoman helped make huge strides in the suffragist movement.

Today in History: A short look at how the election of Abraham Lincoln as President of the US impacted genealogy forever.

Monday was Columbus Day here in the United States. I won’t debate whether he’s worthy of his own holiday here – my opinion of the guy isn’t really relevant to this post. I will, however, acknowledge that Columbus was a game-changer and great explorer. If we could all trace our family trees back through enough generations, we’d all eventually find a few explorers of our own. This post is my effort to honor the least historically known explorer in my own family.

Ask any genealogist (hobbyist or pro), and most of them will admit to making “rookie” mistakes. Many will have had to start a tree over (or delete several branches) from the beginning for being too click-happy when it comes to shaking leaves and other hints. We get it – you’re just so excited about finding something, and you don’t really know any better. Hopefully, this post will help save you from some of the most common mistakes that get made when you’re the new kid on the genealogy block.

FamilySearch is helping the genealogy community by making thousands (if not millions) of obituaries available to those who do online research, but they need volunteers to help make that possible. Read more here!

In honor of Family History Month, I put together a collage of my matrilineal line (my mom, her mom, her mom, etc.) 8 generations here: Rosalia Augusta Haskin (born about 1852 in Canada), Effa Belle Pratt (born 1875 in Nebraska), Edris Alexandria Tourtellotte (born 1898 in Nebraska), Virginia Violet Tate (born 1915 in Kansas), my grandma, my mom, myself, and my daughter.