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A biographical sketch of the life of Margaret J. Harrington (nee Sullivan). She was born in 1867 in Ireland, and died in 1923 in Teller County, Colorado. She was the wife of John Harrington; mother of Hannah May (Harrington) Wanamaker, Anna Frances (Harrington) Sailors, and John Michael Harrington; and owner-operator of a boarding house for miners in Goldfield, CO.

Yesterday, we discussed how to start building a family tree.  Once your very basic family tree is done, it’s time for the fun (and sometimes not-so-fun) to begin.  Now, we have to venture off into the mysterious unknown. “Finding” the Next Generation Open Up the Lines of Communication The very best resource for family history

So you want to build a family tree?  Some people start this journey to find answers to the big question, “Who am I?”, some want to have a visual representation of how everyone is connected for a family reunion or school project, while others are trying to leave something behind for future generations.  Whatever your