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Monday was Columbus Day here in the United States. I won’t debate whether he’s worthy of his own holiday here – my opinion of the guy isn’t really relevant to this post. I will, however, acknowledge that Columbus was a game-changer and great explorer. If we could all trace our family trees back through enough generations, we’d all eventually find a few explorers of our own. This post is my effort to honor the least historically known explorer in my own family.

A biographical sketch of the life of Margaret J. Harrington (nee Sullivan). She was born in 1867 in Ireland, and died in 1923 in Teller County, Colorado. She was the wife of John Harrington; mother of Hannah May (Harrington) Wanamaker, Anna Frances (Harrington) Sailors, and John Michael Harrington; and owner-operator of a boarding house for miners in Goldfield, CO.