Family History Research Services

Are you interested in discovering your roots? Want to find out if the old family stories about your great great grandfather are true?

Genealogy is becoming extremely popular in mainstream culture now, and it’s easy to find yourself wondering about where you came from. For many people, though, the thought is daunting. Perhaps your schedule is just too busy to devote much time to researching, or you’ve already tried to build a family tree and just didn’t enjoy “the hunt.” Maybe you’ve looked into research services before, only to find out that most researchers’ price points are out of your budget.

Whatever the case is, we can help!

Service Pricing

Hourly Research – $20/hour (USD)

It is important to note that you’re being charged for time spent researching, regardless of results – some families are much easier to follow than others, and we make no guarantee as to what information will be found about your ancestors.

How it Works, and What’s Included With Your Order

When you’re ready to get started, contact us at, and let us know how you think we can be of assistance to you. Once we’ve nailed down the scope of your project, and we’ve been provided with the necessary information to start searching, we will use all resources available to provide you with:

  • Electronic copies of all records and other documents found that pertain to your ancestors
  • Printable pedigree chart (family tree showing direct ancestors)
  • Family group sheets and other reports, as needed, based on your research needs
What We Can/Will Do
  • English-language research – We will use all of the online resources available to us to research records in the United States, Canada, and the British Isles. Other records may be included as well, but language barriers and other factors may make this difficult.
  • One name studies – We can help you research all people with a single surname (and its variants) in a particular location.
  • Extensive research on an individual
  • Brick wall assistance – Sometimes, even the best researcher will run into what we call a brick wall – a dead end – and need help. We’re happy to offer a fresh set of eyes, and a new brain to pick, should you need assistance with any of your brick walls.
What We Can’t/Won’t Do
  • Adoption research – Due to privacy laws, we are unable to request original birth certificates, apply to have records unsealed, etc. We are happy to assist adoptees in constructing their family trees once they have names and dates for their parents, though!
  • Living persons research – Also due to privacy laws, we do not conduct research on living persons. This includes researching to find legal heirs and long lost siblings (or children, nieces, nephews, etc.).
  • Lineage society research
  • Make guarantees as to the types of records we’ll find, what information will be uncovered, or how many generations we’ll be able to definitively place in your tree.

Ready to take the next step in discovering your roots? Contact us at, and let’s get started! We look forward to helping you on your genealogical journey!

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